Putting code to the road

Our technology stack is designed from the bottom up for rapid iteration. It allows us to build new features and interfaces quickly, so we can test ideas and make product design decisions without deep technical development.


Daimio is the framework that allows us to create, iterate, and prototype Web applications quickly. Daimio speaks DAML and JSON natively, and can be taught other languages. It provides gateways for harnessing the power of your app: Via DAML, RESTfully, from emails, texts, tweets, anything—all you need is a gateway, and Daimio handles the rest.

Developers: View Daimio documentation and try out the terminal interface

Self-Generating API

DAML, our scripting language, consolidates templating, application commands, and even the scaffolding commands necessary to create Web sites and applications. It’s extended in a predictable way by new application models, allowing concurrent development of interface and application logic. Your app gets the full power of a custom-fit domain-specific language (DSL) as a byproduct of this automated process.


Engines solve abstract problems. They handle the heavy lifting behind the scenes of the applications we build and allow us to change course without changing a line of code.


Bonsai is our user-configurable auditing engine. It enables functions related to auditing, testing, and scoring, including:

  • Protocol versioning, merging, and instantiating
  • Question type management and synchronization
  • Scoring methods
  • Workflow management


Soba gives users control of custom interfaces, such as dashboards and reports. It provides the integrated development environment (IDE) for DAML to allow user control over workflows and scoring mechanisms. It solves generalized problems related to nodetrees, directed acyclic graphs, and source compilation.

Shared development and continuous improvement

We actively develop our core technologies outside of dedicated production cycles and reinvest in our partners as our ideas and insights advance. We share these breakthroughs with all of our partners.

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