Partner With Us

We work through a plan-design-build-scale partnership model that brings our team and yours together to work towards the same goal.

Forget hunting down a technical co-founder, assembling a hodge-podge of developers and designers you hope can work together and get behind your idea. We can build your whole team, from CTO to developers, support to design, customer development to product strategy. We can work alongside your staff or be your whole team. And we’re behind you 100% from day one.

Are you a good fit? Read the FAQ and what makes a great partner

It’s not an incubator or an accelerator. We don’t protect you from the “real world”—we fortify and support you and get you out into it with a product you can be proud of. We don’t hold back, and neither can you.

You bring the idea, vision, and market insight. We thrive on the passion and experience of our partners. You’ll be inspired by our excitement, speed, thoughtfulness and the way we root out and solve business and technical problems creatively.

We’re guided by results. You get a functional, beautifully designed alpha Web application in one to three months. We tune user experience to discoveries we make while doing customer, product, and business development—so you can stay focused on the vision.

We strive for sustainability. Our methodical approach keeps us focused on taking your idea from inception to successful, scalable business.

Clarity and collaboration mafke it all possible. We require—and provide—complete transparency every step of the way.

Let’s Talk

Give us a call at (416) 879-8942 or drop us a line.

Who We Partner With

We are particularly interested in:

  • Projects that enable emergent behavior and empower marginalized users through data and tools that can be freely shared, expanded and modified.
  • Helping individuals make a living or gain insight into and leverage with powerful institutions.
  • Supporting cultural assessment, action plans and change in communities and corporate workplaces.

(416) 879-8942 • e-mail • 100-862 Richmond St W., Toronto