Everything you need—to go

An intense, structured program to get you from idea to product development framework in two months flat.

Our whole team works with you to lay the technical, marketing, and strategic foundation of your startup.

Not a startup? Takeout works well for business units within organizations, too.

Over two months, we’ll take you and your team through three stages:

Step 1: Web Marketing Blueprint

  • Social networking/marketing orientation and information management
  • Content strategy: Planning and documentation, tools set-up and training
  • Site assessment for SEO, usability, content manageability, social integration and metrics/analytics

If your current site cannot support our goals, we also throw our Web development team into the mix to rebuild your existing site from the ground up or create a new site.

Step 2: Customer Development

  • Customer segmentation and surveys to explore new revenue possibilities
  • Test planning for three product/service ideas

Step 3: Testing, Learning, and Product Development

  • Implement metrics and reports covering customer behavior, referrals, signups, feedback, and more
  • Test campaign planning for social media networks and other channels
  • Tactical planning for tracking and collecting feedback and how to change course/adapt to customer needs
  • Product development consulting and referral to other resources
  • Resource planning and team training on adopting Lean methodology and innovation techniques

As this program is very hands-on, we require our clients meet with us at our collaborative workspace, Bento Miso, in downtown Toronto at least weekly during the course of the Takeout program.

If you’re looking for a CTO, co-founder, or development team, this is the place to start. After two months, we’ll all have a good idea if and how we can work together through our partnership program.

Here’s what you get


  • Hands-on consulting and coaching for you and your team (40 hours)
  • Direct access to your own plan-design-build team
  • Unlimited access to Bento Miso, our collaborative workspace in downtown Toronto (2 months)
  • Web marketing blueprint
  • Content strategy plan and training

It’s for you if you’re a...

  • Startup founder ready to test your market and create a foundation for product development
  • Innovation or marketing team leader within an established company, looking to identify and test new opportunities

(416) 879-8942 • e-mail • 100-862 Richmond St W., Toronto